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Buying a Business in Orlando, Florida

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With thousands of available businesses for sale, Buyers do not always have a concrete idea of what type of business they want. Understanding your needs, motivations, and limitations allows us to provide you with expert business buyer service and direct you towards the businesses that offer you the best opportunities.

We will provide the following:

  • Interpretation of Business Financials and Projections
    Our experts will help prepare you to make an offer or to look at more suitable opportunities.

  • Current Financial Information
    Our resources are updated daily with key financial and business information summarized for you.

  • Standardized and Confidential Procedures
    Standardized procedures and forms to use to safeguard your offer and to simplify the process.

  • Local Business Insight
    Insight into the businesses that are doing well in the local market and what skills and directions are needed to succeed.

  • Expert Guidance Throughout the Transaction
    Assistance in the buying and selling process by guiding you through the steps required for a successful closing.

  • Access to Legal and Financial Councel
    Direction to legal and financial counsels is crucial to your success and sanity. We have lists of professionals that specialize in your business needs.

Get expert guidance

We stress the importance of a neutral and experienced transactional closing attorney and a savvy business accountant.

Our experience will guide you through the procurement of occupational licenses, special permits & licensing, sales tax numbers, business accounts, incorporation, federal tax ID#, insurance, leases, inventory valuations & environmental concerns. Expect thorough assistance and monitoring utilizing personalized checklists to help you organize during a process that can appear too complicated to grasp.

Professional Business Brokerage Firm

We Are a Licensed Full Service Florida Real Estate Company serving Orlando, Central Florida and dedicated to professional assistance, consultation, and valuation services for business owners and business buyers.

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