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Preparing you
for the sale of your business.

Preparing for the sale of your business is a multifaceted process essential for maximizing value and ensuring a seamless transition.

We will provide the following:

  • Market Valuation
    A market-based valuation, often referred to as comparable analysis, is a method used to determine the value of assets by examining the prices of similar assets in the market. This approach relies on the principle that the price of an asset in a competitive market reflects its fair value. By comparing the financial metrics and market prices of comparable assets, analysts can estimate the value of the business.

  • Global Exposure
    National and international exposure to prospective buyers without breaching the confidentiality that is required in an ongoing, vital business.

  • Screening of Potential Buyers
    We will screening potential buyers to insure only qualified buyers will be offered the opportunity to learn more about your business. All potential buyers must sign a standardized confidentiality/nondisclosure statement, and the seller will be informed of all potential buyers before information of a confidential nature is released. Screening potential buyers to make certain they are not merely competitors trying to learn your business secrets.

  • Confidential Memorandum
    A comprehensive confidential memorandum will be written highlighting as many possible answers to questions we feel a qualified potential buyer would need to know. This acts as a second screen for the buyer and limits the amount of time needed to question the seller

  • Coordinate Communication with Potential Buyer
    Once a suitable candidate has been qualified, we will set up the initial meetings that will be conducted in a neutral and confidential setting between the buyer and seller in our presence

  • Expert Guidance Throughout the Transaction
    Consultation on all offers presented to you, pointing out what we believe are the good and bad points, and any problems that we feel may lie ahead.

Get Expert Guidance

Our team is well-trained and licensed Business Brokers dealing with all aspects of the transaction.

Bateson Business Brokerage has access to information and comparable sales of similar businesses. This information is not readily available. An informed Business Broker more than justifies the cost of their compensation and is aware of the stumbling blocks that can derail the transaction.

Business Consulting & Exit Planning

It is always advantageous to receive an outside opinion on your business. Business owners are generally too entrenched in running their companies to be introspective. A well trained consultant will pick up on the strengths and weaknesses of the company quickly and objectively. The feedback we can provide to you can be invaluable for planning the future of your business.

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